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  • Published : October 19, 2008
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Yves Rocher has adopted an alignment strategy offering the same cheap prices as its competitors. The only difference is the image of the brand: the botanical beauty care. Sales through mail orders are the principal source of revenue of the company; it is why we have chosen to compare the prices between Y.R and its closest competitor in that sector: Le Club des Créateurs de Beauté (they have higher quality products). An example for the makeup products:

An eye-liner :
Yves Rocher - 5,90 euros
Le Club des Créateurs de Beauté – 6,90 euros
An example for the bath & shower products:
A shampoo:
Yves Rocher – 8 euros
Le Club des Créateurs de Beauté – 10 euros
An example for the skin care products:
A face mask:
Yves Rocher – 7 euros
Le Club des Créateurs de Beauté – 14 euros

a)Product line
The Yves Rocher brand produces and commercializes its own products satisfying every desire with the right positioning and product lines adapted to everyone.


Skin CareAnti-Aging
Masks & Exfoliators
Eye Treatments
Skin Care Collections
Men's Skin CareDay creams, night creams


FragrancePerfumed Body Lotions
Women's Fragrance
Perfumed Shower Gels
Men's Fragrances
Potpourri & Incense
Candle Shop

MakeupEyes (mascara…)
Lips (gloss…)
Face (blush….)
Nails (polish…)
Bags and brushes
Trendy Glam MakeupBlack, blue, green, beige
Red, pink, transparent
White, red…

Bath and ShowerBath and Shower Gels
Bath Soaps
Bath Oils & Soaks
Liquid Hand Soaps
Body Scrubs
Bath Accessories
Anti-perspirantsRelaxing oil

Body & HairBody Lotions
Hand Creams
Foot Creams and Pedicure
Hair Removal Aromatherapy
Spa and Slimming
Summer Holiday Season
Sun Protection and Suntan Lotion
Treatments3 for 1, smooth, radiance extending…
Shimmering Lights
Wax strips
Moisturizing Sunscreen

All of Yves Rocher’s...
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