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Topics: Pricing, Marketing, Price skimming Pages: 2 (295 words) Published: April 22, 2013
MKT301U Exam3 Review Guide

The test covers materials from the textbook, the videos, and any additional materials we discussed in class. The following list highlights some of the more important topics we’ve covered so far and by no means exhausts the possible topics of the test. You should read the chapters, review your class notes, and think about examples (including those we discussed in class and shown in the videos) and relate them to the concepts. Exam logistics:

* Closed book closed notes. Language dictionary is permissible upon instructor inspection. * Bring a calculator to the exam as some of the questions may require simple calculations Exam format:

* 30 Multiple choice questions
* 2 Short answer questions
Chapter 17 & 18—IMC, Advertising, PR, Sales Promotion (~45%) * Elements of IMC
* Push vs. pull strategy
* Goal of advertising: Inform, persuade, remind
* Informational vs. emotional appeal
* PSA, unique selling point, puffery
* Media scheduling
* Reasons for the rise of online and mobile media for advertising * Methods of ad budgeting
* Measures of advertising effectiveness: CPM, cost per click, click through rate, ROI * Reach, frequency, impact; GRP
* Role and types of sales promotion
* Role and types of PR

Chapter 13 & 14—Pricing (~45%)
* Pricing orientation
* Demand curve, break-even analysis
* Pricing strategy (e.g., cost-based pricing, value-based pricing, etc.) * High/low, EDLP
* Reference price
* Market skimming pricing vs. market penetration pricing
* Pricing tactics (e.g., price bundling, loss leader pricing, mark downs, quantity discount, etc.) * Ethical issues in pricing (e.g., price fixing, predatory pricing, price discrimination)

Chapter 15 & 16—Supply Chain Management and Retailing (~10-15%) * How does supply chain management add value?
* Just-in-time systems: benefits and risks
* Vertical integration...
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