Yugoslavia: Divided and Conquered

Topics: World War II, Kosovo, Yugoslavia Pages: 3 (1086 words) Published: February 28, 2013
Mila Ivovic
Ms. Shelton
AP English III
5 November 2012
​Yugoslavia, a place that used to be the greatest multi-nation state in the world, was divided and conquered. Many argue on how it happened, and many only thought it was just “that brutal war”. Then there are many who think that the Yugoslavian people did it to themselves. Post World War II Yugoslavia had been united, and living peacefully, the Serbians lived peacefully with the Bosnians, Croatians, Albanians, etc. But who’s fault was it? Many believe it to be Serbia, others looked at some of the world’s most powerful countries. ​In Yugoslavia, the war was horrifying brothers were fighting brothers, families were separated, innocent people killed. All of the countries were in chaos, pinning the blame on each other and one country caught in the middle, Serbia. It was the only one fighting to stay one united multi-nation country, but the other countries did not see it the same way. Why not; because they were scared. They were scared of the biggest bullies, which sadly included a lot of the top leading nations. America had been funding Yugoslavia, then said that they would stop funding unless each nationality split up and had elections for presidents individually. This sent an out break of war, each nation declaring it’s borders, but all the nationalities had been scattered so then each country started ethnic cleansing. All of the nations had become their own countries and left Serbia with no choice but to become one as well. Later in the province of Kosovo (located in Serbia) wanted to become its own country. They asked for help from NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) that authorized to let them become their own country. Serbia was outraged and fought to keep their homeland, but NATO prevented them. In the end Serbia had lost their heartland the whole country was devastated. Now Kosovo (Bonstil/Urosevac) is used as a military base for American forces. ​In America, the...
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