Your Wolrds Essay

Topics: Harlem Renaissance, Slavery, Black people Pages: 2 (431 words) Published: August 10, 2012

Your World
Georgia Douglas Johnson
Georgia Douglas Johnson, a black poet writer writes how a human can have possibilities in its self by using blacks as an example. I think that the first stanza basically talks about two different topics. Possibilities that a single person can have, and how herself as a black had limited its self as a poet writer. The key word that creates the difference is abide. It has two meanings. One is to stay at a certain place, and other one is something that you don’t want to have relation on. The first meaning supports that blacks had to stay or to be held at a certain place because of the time age such as after slavery, or segregation. Then second meaning suggests that a person may have ignored some possibilities that itself might have.

The next verse also has a strong word, throbbed. It has meanings to suffer mentally with different pains such as sibling’s death, bulling, and so. The second meaning is to have a strong rhythm. Bothe of the meaning maybe used for both topics because you may be suffering that you don’t have possibilities to get out of the life style of being a slave or know that one day, you can get out of the slavery. These both depends on time because if slavery was almost done, or saw the speech of Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, you can infer that it might change the world but if it was at the beginning of slavery, they may felt desperate. But in possibility wise, people are capable to find what they can do, and beyond. This may damage their feeling by betraying someone or to be excited that they may change the world.

After being enslaved, blacks had regained their powers and rose to the level where they had equal rights with whites and became famous starting the Harlem renaissance. On the other hand, possibilities made people able to be really famous easily or to find their self different and the method differs. Such as struggling, trying, thinking, and many more possibilities how you can change...
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