Young Audiences Case Study

Topics: Project management, Want, Need Pages: 3 (809 words) Published: December 4, 2012
1. Project Initation
* Recognized a need for change / new system
* Problem understood to be “antiquated IT hardware and software, no internal IT support, and high turnover among office personnel”. * Appointment of ex-CIO to head project
Project Planning
* Recognized need for new IT platform and partner
* Recognized the solution of a “robust and flexible” information system that would meet the needs of all 32 chapters and be modestly priced * Ex-CIO in YA Mass chapter takes over execution of project Project Execution

* Hired part-time project manager to oversee project
* Creation and submission of lists of requirements that each chapter found necessary going forward * Delivered on time and within budget, however it wasn’t easy (see good, bad, ugly chart in case) * Stand-out issues: chapter backed out during development, “computer-phobic” chapters and unrealistic expectations of ITS, leads to too much demand for functionality of system

2. Potential stakeholders: Local artists, YA chapter executives, board of directors including the ex-CIO, vendor Stakeholder| Stakeholder Interests| Potential Impact| Level of Power| Local artists| They would want better scheduling, overall easier job| Minimal impact on project but will feel effects of change| Low- subject to higher up changes| Chapter Execs| Execs have identified need for better ITS partner, execs need their chapters to work more efficiently and would be interested in more up to date technology, more IT support and a system that makes their job easier| Execs had the ability to voice their opinions when asked to submit their requirements to the project director, after that it was out of their hands, had ability to keep| Appointed a stakeholder from their own chapter to review the changes being made and make sure that changes would be helpful| Board of Directors| Need to create a more united front, need to stay within budget of a non-profit organization,...
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