You Are What You Drive

Topics: Truck, Internal combustion engine, Automobile Pages: 1 (799 words) Published: December 31, 2012
You are what you drive
When you see different people driving different cars on the roads, will you give yourself a second to think whether there is something relationship between the certain cars and the drivers’ personality? There is a theory that people who drive certain cars share personality traits. Generally speaking, our choices may say something about our values and interests. To some extent, women tend to buy smaller cars and men are likely to buy larger cars. But there are many other elements influent people’s choices. According to the size, there are mainly four types of cars indicate people’s personality: people who drive SUV or full sized truck; those who prefer Convertible; people who buy Sedan; those who drive Hybrid cars and those who do not buy certain cars.

Firstly, people who love the SUV and full sized truck. It is said that “The size and amount of engine power your car has says much about the image you have of yourself and the image you give to other drivers.” ( ) SUV’s are one of the largest non-commercial vehicles on the road and are notorious for providing a high degree of control when driving in adverse weather conditions.( ) So if someone prefers to drive a large SUV or a full sized Truck, he or she is likely to be a very self-confident person, and he or she is usually a person in charge of company. Also, it is said that “SUV drivers have been quoted as saying that they have a feeling of having no boundaries, just knowing they could go off road and drive wherever they choose to drive.” ( Those people’s position is always higher than others, and they have a desire for freedom and power; nothing can stop them from doing what they want to do. Besides, people driving SUV may...
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