Year Round Schooling Essay

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Ms Mcginn
9 Oct. 2011

Why School Should NOT be Year-Round
Year-round schooling is a new method of education. It has been developed to help students achieve higher grades, and have a better learning experience. The basis around this is to eliminate the alleged “summer learning loss.” The hope is that students will retain more information without having such a long break. The number of school days would stay the same, yet there would be more frequent, shorter breaks throughout the year. Although the predicted results of YRE (year round education) are highly probable and justifiable, the regular schooling system is the better option. The year-round system is likely to create more problems than benefits for the students, parents and educators. Consequences of the new system include lack freedom for families to use the summer holiday to their personal preferences, excessive expenses for the government, school boards and parents, and a greater chance for students to fall behind. All these consequences would just create more stress on everyone involved. Surveys have stated that the majority of the population like the school year the way it is traditionally.(insert site about survey) Why should we change a system that has been in place and running smoothly for a long time, for a new system with the potential to cause greater problems in the future and that may or may not help students? Moreover, the year-round schooling schedule presents problems in both student development and family life. Often, the summer break is used for families to travel or spend time together, for students to attend summer camps, and to take advantage of the season. The YRE system puts limits on these abilities. Though the same amount of holiday time exists, the shorter break puts limits on where, and for how long a family wishes to travel or a student may not get the opportunity to explore new things not available in school. It takes away the experience of...
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