The Efficiency of Year Round Education

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  • Published : November 29, 2006
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As times change and society evolves, customs and practices must evolve with them. An example of tradition conflicting with functionality is the idea that public schools are to be in session for nine consecutive months with a three-month break. The explanation is needed, as to why public school in session year round is a more efficient way to use time and resources than is a nine/three school year.

The most important aspect of grasping the new age thought of year round education is to realize it does not mean more school. The original thought of year round school is to go one hundred eighty days, with shorter breaks throughout the year. This is opposed to a single large break at the end of the year. There are a few different ways to allocate the free time into the schedule. The most widely used method is 45/15, which means students would attend school for forty-five days then have a fifteen-day break. With such a system, teachers would spend far less time reviewing information, since much learning loss happens in the long three months of summer.

Single tracking is a way to keep education consistent. This system keeps the students and faculty on the same vacation and instructional schedule. The single-track method does not add days to the year or help with overcrowding. It works by shortening the length of the summer break, and distributing that time throughout the year in periods called intersessions. (Web Staff) It would be equivalent to winter break, but several times throughout the year. Multi-tracking is a method of using the vacation and intersession cycles to alleviate overcrowding. For example, a school with a 750 person capacity could be used to accommodate one thousand students. This is done by dividing the students and faculty into four equal groups, or tracks, and always having one group on break during every school day. (Kelly)

While multitracking is a viable option to help with school overcrowding, there are a few drawbacks. For...
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