Year 10 Work Experience Speech

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Work Experience Speech.

From a young age I have dreamed of becoming a doctor so I was thrilled to find out I was successful in securing a two week work experience placement at Kings Mill Hospital in Mansfield.

The hospital itself consists of 12 operating theatres, 623 beds, many clinics and multiple day case facilities. The main building is very much so a maze, so I was very relieved to discover the simple system that was put in place to help us find our way around.

You first get told whether you should be in the pink, green or blue section then the department followed by the clinic and finally the corridor and the member of staff to whom you should report.

During my placement I shadowed consultants, doctors, nurses and house wardens, helped out on many clinics and completed a wide variety of tasks including plastering broken bones, taking blood pressures, viewing minor operations and wheeling patients down the long corridors.

I enjoyed many elements of my work experience from gossiping with the nurses, chatting to patients, hearing rather ‘interesting’ stories from the doctors and becoming a patient myself and having my own BMI, blood pressure, visual, auditory and other tests done.

Without a doubt the best day of my work experience has to be the second Wednesday, In the morning I was shadowing a nurse called Sharon on Oncolgy, (the cancer treatment clinic to me and you) although I found the sites emotionally hard and struggled when it came to talking to the patients I believe that only that morning did I realise just how important life is. That afternoon was also amazing just in a very different way- I was working in clinic 1 orthopaedics and was to spend the afternoon in the plaster room where the nurses told me I needed to experience how it felt to have a pot on in order to understand how the patients were feeling, so true to their word they potted me up I had to watch carefully though as when my pot was dry and ready to be cut off I had to...
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