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D Modeling

D modeling software can be used to more accurately model and detail construction projects. A 3
D model defines and communicates the architect’s design vision to the various stakeholders and is a unique digital document that
can be used for all phases of design, procurement,
construction, and operation. A
major benefit of using 3
D digital representations of projects is the ability to
communicate graphical project information to all.
A 3
D model
can be used for design, analys
is, and
fabrication, and can help detect conflicts, interferences, and incompatibilities at an early stage, achieve improved tolerances and quality, and reduce change orders and rework. They serve all stakeholders involved throughout the life of a project

and facilitate cooperation among them.
Use of 4
D Models

The 4
D computer modeling process integrates 3
D modeling with time. The 4
software generates a sequence of configurations of the project representing its status through time, as determined
from the schedule and the 3
D model, thus creating an animation of the construction process. 4
D modeling allows communicating actual construction sequences and can help detect constructability problems, interferences among trades or subcontractors, and in terference between moving equipment

and on
going activities. Anticipating and addressing such problems contributes to safety on the construction site, and enhances coordination among subcontractors and between the owner's operations and construction.

based Project Management Systems

based project management systems use project
collaboration software to provide access for all parties (design consultants, contractors, subcontractors, managers, and others) on a large construction project to a sec ure, project
specific website or
collaboration space in order to conduct all daily project management and administrative activities. The...
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