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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Wireless Upgrade for Fiction Corporation
Assignment 4: Communication and Risk

• The project will consist of installing a wireless network • The duration will be 90 days • Deliverables will consist of the network hardware and the network functionality

Organizational Chart
Quality Control Program Manager


Integration Team

Testing Team

Network Engineering

Project Responsibilities
Project Manager
Network Engineering Integration Team Testing Team

Oversees the project execution and ensures project constraints are adhered to. ( budget, schedule, etc.) Responsible for the design of the network and selection of appropriate hardware and/or software solutions Responsible for integrating the wireless into current network schema. Responsible for providing admin and user training Will work with integration during installation. Also responsible for proving the wireless networks functionality though acceptance testing. Responsible for working with vendors to ensure purchased hardware solutions are available when needed. Responsible for overseeing the overall safety and ensuring the quality of the project.

Procurement Quality Control

Managerial Approach
• Management Objectives
– Complete the project on or ahead of schedule – Complete the project on or under budget – Ensure all employees are properly equipped to work on the project • Educational Needs • Technical Training Needs

Management Approach (cont.)
• Project Controls
– A formal change control process will be used
• Utilization of a Change Control Board (CCB)

– Monitor project progress against the approved schedule – Use configuration management to monitor for deviations in the intended product

Technical Approach
• Project Staffing
– The project will be staffed via a matrix organizational structure – Will provide incentives to recruit the best network engineering talent from within the organization

Technical Approach (cont.)
• Technical Processes...
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