Xerox Personal Selling

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1.1 Executive Summary
This report was commissioned in order to analyze a business to business selling scenario between the Xerox corporation and a fictional company; Aliments Capital. The industry which the report is based on is the document management services industry, of which Xerox is a part of. The second industry which the report focuses on is the frozen food manufacturing industry, of which Aliments Capital is a part of. The product that the proposal is based on is the Xerox ColorQube 9203 model; a state of the art multi-function color printer. It was selected after careful analysis of Aliments Capital’s primary needs. The first contact with the prospect was a Cold Call to Ms. Blais; the director of IT at Aliments Capital. The telephone call ultimately proved unsuccessful as the team failed to establish any further commitments or an appointment with the prospect. It was helpful however in realizing the value of listening and employing assertiveness. The second contact with the prospect was an in person scheduled meeting at the Aliments Capital headquarters. This was much more productive than the cold call, and thus the team was able to uncover essential needs and information through the use of clever information gathering techniques. The team was able to successfully secure a second meeting to put forth a proposal. Finally, the team was able to utilize its experience to summarize important findings and recommend improvements. Listening should be a top priority in scenarios such as this one, as well as adaptive selling in order to accommodate different social styles. Also sellers should put emphasis on being assertive rather than being aggressive and simply laying out facts about the product.

1.2 Table of Contents
1.3 The Document Handling Industry3
1.3.1 The Document industry3
1.3.2 Xerox’s competitors in this industry3
1.3.3 Ricoh3
1.3.4 Canon4
1.3.5 Konica Minolta4
1.4 Xerox Company Profile4
1.5 The Food Manufacturing Industry5
1.6.1 Equal Benefits6
1.6.2 Superior Benefits7
1.6.3 Inferior Benefits7
1.7 Telephone Cold Call to Aliments Capital8
1.8 Qualifying and Information Gathering Approach9
1.8.1 Qualifying Aliments Capital9
1.8.2 General Information Questions and Prospect Expectations10
1.8.3 SPIN Selling Technique10
1.8.4 Xerox Relationship with Aliments Capital11
1.9 Description of the Initial Experience with the Prospect11
1.9.1 Description of the Pre-Approach Strategy by phone11
1.9.2 The Call12
1.9.3 Responses Descriptions13
1.9.4 Results of the Call13
1.10 Experience at the Prospect’s Office14
1.11 Bibliography18
1.13 Appendices21

1.3 The Document Handling Industry
1.3.1 The Document industry
The document industry is also known as the document management services industry. A recent study made by a NelsonHall analyst found that Xerox is the leader in the document management services market. [1] In the study "Document Management Market Forecast: 2009-2013," it is also said that the global size of the market will increase to more than $45 billion dollars by 2013. However, no specific numbers are given on the Canadian market or on the market growth rate. The detailed results of research are not publicly traded. [2] 1.3.2 Xerox’s competitors in this industry

The document industry contains many competitors. Xerox is the leader of the Canadian market in multifunction color machines with 36 % of the market; however, many other companies are offering great products on the market. Xerox’s closest competitors are: Ricoh, Canon and Konica Minolta. All of these companies will be profiled in the following section to understand what their main characteristics are. 1.3.3 Ricoh

Ricoh is a well known document solutions provider. It is a seventy-four year old company that currently has 18% of the market share in Canada. [3] Ricoh is known for being the pioneer in digital faxing due to the fact they developed the first...
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