Xerox Corporation (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Topics: Social responsibility, Environment, Corporate social responsibility Pages: 3 (680 words) Published: May 30, 2008
(Corporate Social Responsibility)

1.Introduction – Xerox company profile
Xerox Corporation is the world’s leading document management company. The company is manufacturing and selling printers, digital printing presses and systems, photo copiers and related supplies. Xerox started to expand rapidly between 1960 and 1970. In the mid 1980’s Apple decided to buy Xerox but the deal finally did not happen. Xerox sued Apple for stealing and using its graphical user interface on the Macintosh computers but the case was dismissed. In the 1990’s Xerox recovered and continued to grow by selling high quality products and became a $16 billion market leader digital company by now. (, 2007)1

2.Social Responsibility
Joseph McGuire, in 1963, stated that “social responsibilities supposes that the corporation has not only economic and legal obligations, but also certain responsibilities to society” [p. 144]. It means that Xerox as a manufacturer, “plays an important role in influencing the sustainability of our environment”. (, 2007)2

Types of social responsibilities:
-Economic responsibilities: produce goods and services
that society wants,
-Legal responsibilities: laws and regulations under business is expected to operate,
-Ethical responsibilities: responsibilities expected by society, -Discretionary responsibilities: voluntary responsibilities. (University of Utah, 2007)

The social responsibilities of Xerox investigated in this report are legal and discretionary responsibilities. Xerox has achieved high level of social responsibilities in recycling, creating waste-free products and improving environment with partners, suppliers and customers. Products have to meet certain legal requirements and also Xerox voluntarily makes extra effort to develop new environmentally friendly processes and products. (, 2007)2

3.How Xerox has achieved high level of Social Responsibility Every manufacturer has to meet...
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