Writing Unit Folio Case Study Report

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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TOTAL Intern: Alexandra Carmichael
Andrece: Final Case Study Report for Unit Writing Folio
Teacher: Mrs. Kathy Jacobs
Grade: 3rd
Blanche Fuqua Elementary School

Name: Alex Carmichael Teacher: Kathy Jacobs School: Blanche Fuqua Elementary
Directions: Place “X” by all descriptors that apply to your school.
Community: _____Rural _____Suburban ___X__ Urban _____Other
_____Mostly affluent_____Mostly upper middle-class families
__X___ Mostly poverty level_____Mostly lower middle-class families
_____Mixture (describe)___________________________________________

School (round percents to nearest tenth)
Total number of students__347_ ISTEP % Pass Rate for E/LA 3rd Grade__82.8%
_76.1_% Free & Reduced Lunch Title I: __X_ yes _____ no
_9.3_% Black_1.4_% Asian/Pacific Islander__74.9___% White
_1.7__% Hispanic_12.7_% Multiracial_0_% Other

Elementary Classroom Profile with Identified Student: Grade__3rd__
Total number of students_19_ Number of adults in room (aids, TOTAL intern, etc.) _2_
_52.6_% male_47.4_% female
_5.3_% special education_10.5_% English language learners
__X__ Heterogeneous _____Homogeneous (__gifted/talented ___average __general)
__X__ Self-contained (most or all subjects taught)
_____Interdisciplinary team

In 25 words or less provide descriptive information that “Paints a Picture” of your classroom, especially in reference to writing instruction:
Mrs. Jacobs’s classroom has posters that describe the writing process and the six traits of writing. The room is inviting and a positive learning environment.

Summary of RtI Student Needs in Creative Writing
RtI Student’s First Name: Andrece Grade Level: 3rd
When looking at the data...
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