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Topics: Teacher, Education, High school Pages: 4 (1392 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Name: Arinda Ika Pristanty
Class/NPM: 4A/031110130 Comparison-contrast essay
High school and College
School plays an important role in our society. Many of us spend more than fifteen years at school in order to get knowledge for better living. Two important steps that we go through life are high school and college. They are so pleasurable. They can also be challenging. College and high school share the same common goal to teach students to learn. In fact, college and high school are completely different experiences.

High school and college are different in attedance. In high school, students will get punishment if they miss class. At least, students are only allowed to miss a certain number of days. If they miss too many days, they can fail and teacher will call their parents and let them know that their children didn’t attend the class. On the contrary, most teachers at college offer extra credit for students who always attend the class every day. Teachers at college don’t care whether they are in class or not. It means that if they don’t att, they are going to get a failing grade. So, college students must be responsible to succeed.

Other difference between high schosol and college is about homework. In high school, teachers don’t give homework every day. Teachers will give students a chance if they are late to submit their homework. In contrast, college students may get so many homeworks or assignments. Teacher at college almost give assignments for their students in every meeting. When college students are late to submit, they will never get another opportunity. There are no excuses. It means that we can fail when we miss a homework.

The major differences between high school and college is perception of responsibility. High school students still need guidance from their teacher to be responsible. On the other hand, college assumes that college students are responsible adult human beings. In high school, teachers have prepared a lesson plan and...
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