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Many people agree that a good education is an important quality to have in life. To achieve that good education, one must not only graduate from high school, but also from college. There are many similarities and differences between the two different educations. To compare and contrast them is almost unfair, because they are two completely different worlds, each with their own individual qualities. The differences are plenty, and in many ways they are also similar. From person to person, opinions will differ. Many believe it was the time of their lives, while others say it was a time to forget and learn from. Either way, high school is an experience in itself as well as College. High school is a period in which many new things happen. You now find yourself in a world full of raging hormones, honors classes, and in a way more freedom. High school is routine in a way. You have your eight or so classes year round, and you know when you will be eating lunch. The same kids you went to elementary and middle school with probably are the same kids you went to high school with. Basically, high school is much regimented, and many people find themselves having the same friends for many years. Because of this, in turn once a "reputation" or "image" was established for you in high school, most likely that was going to stick with you for the rest of your time left. The work in high school is not as hard as the work in college. Unless you are taking honors or AP courses, on the other hand one has more time to work on any assignment in class. Classes in high school are small in size, usually between twenty and thirty students, and there is a one on one feeling with the teacher. It is a laid back atmosphere because everyone knows each other.

Also in high school, many students find a way around the school easy. Countless students slack off and don't apply themselves to their work or studies. Because of this, many students find themselves doing new extracurricular activities,...
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