Persuasive Essay: Why Kids Should Take College Classes

Topics: High school, Education, College Pages: 2 (615 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Janet Aslanian
Christine Tabone
ENG 091(RD)
28th November 2012
Broadening Your Horizon
For most students, high school is the toughest time of their lives and for many life after high school is much more difficult. Usually, students don’t seam to take High School seriously and they don’t get enough experience about college and the next steps that should be taken. However, students that think ahead and take college classes while in High school seem to be much more successful in the long run. So with that, students should take college classes while in High school because they gain additional knowledge, they get socialized with an older and more experienced crowd along with an understanding of what college is about. Often students in High school don’t learn as much as they should but, when they take classes in college they not only learn some of the same information thoroughly but more additional information along with that. When I myself was a sophomore in high school I was lacking the information that I thirsted for and when I started taking college classes I learned so much more and felt great about it. Later on, because I took numerous college classes I am more confident in the work I did in high school along with many of the classes that I take not only in high school but also in college. Secondly, being in college classes not only gives the knowledge you deserve but helps keep students open minded and socialized in a college that has a wide diversity of people. Because I was only surrounded by High school students, I didn’t get the feel of being in an actual regular school environment but when I started college I started to interact with older and wiser people and learn from them also. Being in classes with a wide diversity of people gave myself the confidence to be more confident in my own work and to take school seriously no matter what age. By socializing and getting a feel for the college experience broadens the students mind and skills as a...
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