World Values and Culture: Romani Gypsies Marrying as Minors

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Romani Gypsies Marrying as Minors

Romani Gypsies Marrying as Minors
Michelle Sweely
World Values and Culture
CTU Online

Romani gypsies marrying as minors

There are numerous sub groups of gypsies along with the groups there are subdivisions also. Mainly they are in the Daskan and Horahan groups. The groups differ mainly on dialects but also on their religious affiliation and their traditional hand crafts (Pamporov, 2007). The groups differ mainly on the basis of the spoken dialects but also on their religious affilication and their traditional handcrafts. (Pamporov, 2007)The following are five main Romani Groups: Daskane Roma – Bulgariah Gypsies

Horahane Rome – Turkish Gypsies
Kalderash – Coppersmiths
Kalaydjes – Tinsmiths
Ludari – known in Europe as Bayash (Pamporov, 2007)
There are many different Romani cultures. They all teach that there are many different ways to get married. Romani Gypsies teach their children that marriage is a lifelong commitment and a very big event. The following are some of the different groups and their ways of marriage. I will explain a couple of the ceremonies. The Romanichals, in England, Follow a tradition of “Marriage by Elopement.” This is where children choose who they want to marry. Then they elope and get married. But many come back to their parents and have a big wedding. (Acton, 1997) The Vlach Roma, from Romania, do not like that practice. They say “Those English gypsies, they steal our wives.” (Acton, 1997). The Vlach have big weddings where they roast pig with this celebration. (Acton, 1997). They belive that the bride-price is an expression of the grooms freedom and pride in his life. The English Romanichals do not like this because they think the Tukris Gypsies sell their daughters. (Acton, 1997) The Khorahane, from Turkey and Balkans, also have big wedding the only differences is they have roast lamb instead of the roasted pig because they are...
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