Sociological Study: Gypsies

Topics: Sociology, Marriage, Culture Pages: 3 (1053 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Gypsies have been discriminated against for the majority of history because of their unconventional lifestyles and the tendency to go the unconventional route in life as a scapegoat for almost everything. The Gypsies have gone so far to segregate themselves from society that they have their own language; though it is only spoken and not written. Ever since the culture started, the Gypsies were thought to be below normal culture, or at least what was thought to be normal at the time. This is completely ironic considering the way their culture views what most people would consider typical society; they feel the same way back and disapprove of normal ways. Though many of the accusations made against the group are true, there are several aspects of their lifestyle that need to be taken a bit lighter, and people should start putting them in perspective instead of automatically discriminating.

Throughout history the Gypsies have made it a goal to segregate themselves from the rest of society in many different ways. One main symbol that allowed for this segregation was the fact that they use their own language called Romani. This language is fully spoken causing the population to mostly be illiterate in every sense of the term. It is suspected that the language has ties to Sanskrit and therefore they are thought to have originated in India as opposed to Egypt. Their language is also significant in that since they are illiterate, the language can’t be learned since it can’t be written down. Some of their words are also used as a cultural divide in their beliefs as well.

One cultural belief that the Gypsies have is called ‘marimé’. It is a Romani word that is used to differentiate the difference between their group and the normal class of society. Literally the word means “defilement or pollution” but the way that the group uses it is as the line drawn between the Gypsies and the non-Gypsies. In the text it talks about how this is used as social control...
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