World Religions and the North Africa/Southwest Asia Realm

Topics: Christianity, Islam, Middle East Pages: 2 (854 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Nancy Brown
Walden University

The realm of North Africa/Southwest Asia is a site of rich oil and natural gas deposits, economic growth and international relationships. The realm is also the birthplace of the three major world religions; Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Centuries of conflict lie at the heart of this realm due to differences in religious beliefs. In reviewing the scripture readings presented for this lesson, each religion has one intrinsic similarity; that is the belief in God. Where both Islam and Judaism view God as one entity, Christians believe in the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), ("Islam, Judaism and," 2004-2013). Review of the scripture readings show that both Judaism and Christianity are similar in that they preach an expression of kindness to strangers. Whereas Christianity invites strangers to join and become a Christian, Judaism expresses kindness with separation. Judaism allows observation of their practice but not inclusion. Islam is not similar to either Christianity or Judaism as it suggests “..take not Jews and Christians as friends..” (“The Koran Interpreted”). Saudi Arabia has the world’s largest concentration of oil deposits; most are concentrated on the eastern part of the county along the Persian Gulf Coast. One choke point, the Strait of Hormuz is located at the southern end of the Persian Gulf where it meets the Gulf of Oman. The oil and ease of transportation of it to the Saudi Arabian government and the Western World. The Saudi regime is friendly with the West; the Islams are friendly with the Christians. According to the scriptures of Islam, this friendship is not acceptable. Mecca is located in Saudi Arabia. The city is the Holy City of Islamic faith. Medina is also located in Saudi Arabia. Medina is the second Holiest City of Islamic faith. There have been uprisings across the realm due to Islamic dislike of Western culture....
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