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Management and Organizational Behavior
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Workplace challenges are highly overlooked when it comes to jobs and careers. Owners, bosses, and employees all have to overcome different types of issues that they face at their work. Challenges do not discriminate and are found among all workers no matter how experienced, or long you have been working. Some serious issues that can occur for workers at the workplace include: being new, dealing with co-workers, integrity and ethical issues, getting along with a boss, handling customers, motivation and productivity, harassment and discrimination, bullying, advancement concerns, and looking for another job. By being aware of these challenges, company owners can set up policies to handle different issues as they occur.

Being a new employee is an example of a challenge in the workplace. Fitting in is a huge part of being new and can at times be difficult for someone. They can have issues trying to figure out how to be a part of the new work environment and where they fit in. Ways to deal with this is to be friendly and always have a good attitude rather than being gossipy. This can make you feel more comfortable faster and even make friends. Another difficulty is being heard, meaning waiting and gaining the respect from co-workers. It definitely takes time to gain trust of the people you work with. Listening and observing are a big part of contributing and then developing a voice of your own. Once you give respect and listen to other people’s ideas then they will give you respect and attention back. By being open-minded and reasonable, you will be heard and be respected. Making mistakes can be a big challenge as well. Everyone makes mistakes at work and the best way to overcome this obstacle is by admitting to them, apologizing, and learning from them. Workers should be able to correct their mistakes and move on from them. The last problem that comes from being new in the workplace is time management. It will be hard to know what you have to get done and when to get it done by when you r at a new job. An easy fix for this would be to create a “to do” list, stay organized, and prioritize. This way you will become more efficient and productive during work.

Dealing with co-workers is debatably the most difficult problem in the workplace. Some issues that are possible for workers include having slackers as co-workers. When you have to work with someone with poor habits and no desire to get things done, it can be extremely frustrating. It can affect your job performance or how your company or job position looks to your boss. A way to handle this is to concentrate on your work and do not let their laziness affect you. Hopefully your boss notices the slackers and addresses them as needed. If you have a co-worker that does not agree with you that can become an issue too. They can create awkward and non-enjoyable work situations. A way to deal with this is to avoid these people and try to be as patient with them as possible, and stand up to them when you feel it’s necessary. Office bullies are another example of having to deal with co-workers. They can cause workers to become stressed and upset. The best way to avoid this is to never sink to their level and try to ignore them as much as possible. Co-workers can be complainers, whiners, backstabbers and saboteurs. All these types of people can just make a worker stressed and annoyed at work which makes it an issue in the workplace. The best way to handle people like that is to avoid conflict with them and limit your time around them. If someone is trying to make you look bad then make sure you get the credit you deserve and do not stoop down to those people’s level.

Ethics and integrity are two very important aspects of any job. Businesses need to have good ethics and have integrity in order to people to keep their respect for the business. Poor business can people to lose respect for you and follow you for the rest of...
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