Value of Diversity Paper

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  • Published : August 19, 2010
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Value of Diversity Paper
Cultural Diversity SOC/315

Value of Diversity in the Workplace
In companies or corporations the global landscape now reflects diversity in the employees found in the workplace. Employees come from different backgrounds, geographic or global areas, ethnic and cultural origins, and have unique skills and talents. Individuals must work together and merge skills and manage diversity effectively in the workplace. Our thoughts, actions, and very beliefs are shaped by our culture. These things are ingrained and remain unshakeable until, faced with someone who is of another faith or belief system with a different way of doing things than individuals are familiar with. Cultural diversity is to be embraced, studied, and applied, if an organization is to succeed with stated goals. In the workplace, diversity must be established or the organization can find forward progress at achieving stated goals barred. Employees’ differences are to be acknowledged and valued by employers, along with providing a safe, harmonious and diverse work environment. Employees share equal responsibility for the creation of that environment and must exhibit mutual respect, trust and acceptance of all individuals. Using the unique perspectives and talents of all employees enhances the communication stream, creates effective problem-solving or decision-making skills and improves the organizational performance levels and productivity. A diverse workforce should mirror the cultural make up of the communities that companies serve, and allows the company to respond effectively to global market changes or customer requirements. This paper will review an issue in the work environment that may have been more successfully resolved by the presence of a diverse workforce. The diagnosis will discuss diversity tools that would have facilitated a more successful resolution to the challenge and strategies provided to facilitate civic...
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