Workgroup and Domain

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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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A computer network can be divided logically in to two networking models: ❖ Workgroup
❖ Domain
Workgroup is a peer-to-peer network while domain is a server-based network. The important differences between the two models are listed below:

| WORKGROUP | DOMAIN | |1. It is a peer-to-peer networking model. |1. It is a server-based networking model. | |2. There is no client and no server. All the computers are equal |2. There is a centralized dedicated server computer called Domain | |in status. |Controller (DC) which controls all other computers called Clients.| |3. This model is recommended for small networks (up to 10 PCs). |3. This model is recommended for large networks. | |4. There is no centralized administration and each computer is |4. There is centralized administration and each PC can be | |administrated separately. |administrated and managed from the server. | |5. There is only distributed processing. |5. Both centralized and distributed processing of resources | | |happens. | |6. In this model, low-grade OS like 2000/XP professional, win 98 |6. In this model, high-grade OS like Win 2000/2003 server on the | |etc. can be used. |server end. | |7.Workgroup can be given a name like sales, HR, accounts etc. |7.Domain can also given a name like, etc. | |8. User accounts are created in each PC and are...
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