Bsa 310 Week 1 Individual Assignment

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System Inventory

Select and complete one of the following assignments:

Option 1: Virtual Organization System Inventory
Option 2: General IT System Inventory
Option 1: Virtual Organization System Inventory

Select one of the following Virtual Organizations:

Smith Systems Consulting
Huffman Trucking
Kudler Fine Foods

Complete the following chart, filling in information for each system used at that Virtual Organization. Add rows to the chart as necessary.

System Name| Brief Description| Department to Use the System| Purpose of the System| Connects With| Development Details| Novell 4.11 Server for POS| Point of Sale Server running Novell Operating System 4.11 for the individual POS machines| Finance and Accounting| To log the transactions of all the Point of Sale machines and keeps track of sales.| Banking Institutions, Accounting and Finance Department| | POS PII WIN9x| (4) Point of Sale computers running Windows 9x operating systems and Pentium II computers| Finance and Accounting| Enters the orders of the customers at the time of purchase. To process monetary transactions to banking institutions| Main server (Novell 4.11 Server for POS)| | UPS-Standalone| Uninterruptable Power Supply. | Information Technology| Standalone device in case of loss of power, your servers have time to shut down| Main Servers| | PII 64mg RAM WIN 9x w/Office 97 (Server)XLS Inventory Spreadsheet| Inventory Server, running Windows 9x, with 64MB RAM and Office 97| Finance and Accounting| Keeps inventory up to date. Able to run reports, with the GL codes, Inventory name, Summary of the Item, and the amount of the item. | Point of Sale Server, Sales and Marketing| | PII w NT Server IIS4 Winfax Pro Built in Modem and CDROM| Main Intranet/Internet Server. Pentium II running Windows NT| All departments | This is the main server that everyone...
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