Mcts Guide to Microsoft Windows 7 Chapter 1 Solutions

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  • Published: May 15, 2013
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Review Questions
1. A friend of yours has asked which version of Windows 7 should be purchased to start a new multimedia-based home entertainment system. Your friend will not require business support features, but they will require support communicating with their Xbox 360. You recommend: a.Windows 7 Ulitmate

b.Windows 7 Home Basic
c.Windows 7 Home Premium
d.Windows 7 Enterprise

2. Windows 7 supports only cooperative multitasking. True or False?

3. The Graphical Processing Unit is a hardware component capable of quickly drawing items to the screen.

4. A graphics card capable of running the Aero Theme must have drivers certified to which standard (select two)? a. DirectX
c. WDF
d. WDM
e. Vendor

5. All device drivers are considered safe to install if they are ___ by Microsoft? c. compiled
c. certified WDDM
c. Digitally signed
c. reviewed by WHQL

6. You are considering purchasing a USB microphone. You are not sure it is compatible with Windows 7. What type of logo should you look for on the product packaging? a. WHQL
b. Compatible with Windows 7
c. WDDM driver
d. Vendor certified
e. Ultimate

7. Your workstation is running Windows 7 Professional and you decide to share a folder on your computer. Twenty two people in your office are trying to connect to that folder at the same time over the network. The first 20 people can connect, the other two can not. To fix this you could____ a. Buy a computer, software, and licenses to run Windows 2003 Server b. restart your computer

c. make sure the network card is using WDF device drivers
d. none of the above

8. Computers that belong to the same domain can access a common security database of user and computer account information. That type of database on Windows 2003 domain controller servers is also known as a _____ database? a. primary

b. workgroup
c. jet
d. Active Directory
e. backup

9. Which of the following is an advantage of domain networking? a. no central...
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