Work Team Analysis

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At work I am part of the Incident Debriefing Team. We meet after any incident to watch any video that may have been taken, read incident reports from those involved and then try to figure out anything that could have been improved on. Our team is comprised up of Incident Response Team members (me) from each shift along with representatives from administration, medical services, and if at all possible our legal team.

When this team was first formed it was just administration members and at times senior management who conducted the debriefing. These same people would then put out there findings on how the responders were to act in another similar situation. This system did not work as it caused rifts between response teams and management. The response teams felt that they assumed all the risk, made split second decisions that were judged by those who have never had to be in that position. While we all agree that a debriefing team was a solid plan we did not agree on who was currently on it. The idea to have responders and medical service representatives on the team was well received.

The revamping of the team members brought all the different classifications of work groups’ ideas to the table. It also allowed for more clear answers to those affected by the decisions made in the team meetings, as it could be disseminated between those at the meeting and their co-workers as well as the official memos that came out at the administration level. I could relate to any questions from my co-workers better than an upper level manager who did not even work on site.

There are risks in a group such as this. Generally in our environment there is always a strong feeling of tension between the different work classifications. Security wanted safety all around at all costs, but administration looked at cost of implementing security changes. Those involved in treatment settings generally did not understand the security concerns while security was not willing to...
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