Accident Investigation - Summary

Topics: Accident, Failure, Accident analysis Pages: 2 (583 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Referred to the book of Slip and Fall Prevention (2003) by Steven Di Pilla, said that the procedures and controls should be in place together and document key information immediately after the event. Employees should be trained in what their roles will be in their event they must respond to an accident. Employees should be instructed to not make any statements that may imply fault. Failure to act on what is learned from the investigation could expose employees to potetial hazards and expose employers to potential citations and fines. (Robert A Battles)

Steven Di Pilla wrote that there a several theories of liability are put forth in a claim in order to place the moniker of liability upon management. * Failure to Comply with Code – a physical condition such as a stairway or ramp, that does not comply with local building code specifications. * Failure to Correct – the presence of an unabated hazardous condition of which management had received sufficient prior notice. * Failure to Warn – not advising individuals in advance of entry into a hazardous area or exposure to a hazardous condition or giving inadequate warnings. * Failure to Inspect or Maintain – an inadequate safety program or non-observance of a materia existing safet program specification. Robert A . Battles wrotes in his journal of The Accidents Investigation: A Study In Prevention; recommended to have in place a basic investigation team that can repondimmediatly and effectively should an accidents occur. The basic team will consist of:

1. A Leader – Choose a leader who keeps the team focused and on task. 2. Experts – The team experts will be determined by the incident, so be prepared to adjust the team as your needs change. You may not know exactly what you need until the investigation well under way. 3. Document control personnel – Organise and preserve the documentation collcted during the investigation. The team’s underlying documentation and data should be preserved....
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