Work Place Observation and Culture

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Workplace Observation a look at Organizational Culture

Every organization, whether being a construction agency, a retail store, a manufacturing plant or a government agency has its own unique culture. Organizational culture is the collection of shared values, beliefs, rituals, stories and myths that foster a feeling of community among organizational members. The culture of an organization is in most cases, the reflection if the deeply held values and behaviors of a small group of individuals. In a large organization the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other executives will shape the culture. In a small company, the culture may flow from the values held by the founder. A Growing number of organizations are creating vision statements that direct the energies of the company and inspire employees to achieve greater heights. Once a vision statement is created, leaders must help every employee see the connection between the employee’s job and the organizations vision. Senior management must serve as “cheerleaders” to unify employees behind the vision.

Bank of America
Bank of America is one the world’s largest financial institution with customers in 175 countries worldwide. In order to service clients from different countries better, Bank of America employs associates from all different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. The company has a diversity, environment, recreation, speaking and volunteer network. These networks show the company’s respect and dedication to its associates and the community. As an equal opportunity employer, Bank of America has rules and regulations setup and a management team to enforce these policies. The board of directors at Bank of America provides oversight of the company’s activities and constantly works to improve and build on the company's strong corporate practices. The company’s management processes, structures and policies help ensure compliance with laws and regulations and provide clear decision-making and accountability. Corporate culture is also very important. Bank of America has a set of core values that is incorporated into the company’s standards. One of these standards is Teamwork which is one of Bank of America’s core values and is constantly used in the company’s day to day functions. Bank of America created Team Bank of America that associates can work together. Team Bank of America encourages professional career development, community improvement, and creates activities for associates and their family members. An important role that Team Bank of America plays is the events and educational programs created to help associates improve leadership, management and communication skills. Some of these skills include budget management, conflict resolution, delegating, people management, organization, and interpersonal skills. The mission of Bank of America’s NCG (Network Computing Group) “is to provide effective and efficient technology solutions to create a competitive advantage for our business partners.” The NCG group is responsible for providing technological services to all of the different business partners and divisions. The NCG group constantly develops new systems and networks to meet the organizations needs to remain competitive. A recent development was having a system that would automatically merge client’s who had multiple profiles in the bank. This would decrease the time to search for an account and the amount of time to service the client. This in turn creates a positive client experience and saves the company money by reducing the talk time.

Within every organization, acronyms are used all the time. Bank of America is not any different. Using acronyms saves a lot of time in meetings, emails and communications. Many times it becomes a habit and clients or vendors listening would be confused trying to understand these acronyms. At certain times it is okay to use these acronyms but associates need to understand when and where it is...
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