Work Life Balance

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Managing work life balance

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10. Managing work life balance

This essay is going to examine managing work life balance and how organizations are going to manage it in contemporary human resource management with relevant organizational examples. Moreover, we will look at the current issues and the problems of work life balance. Work life balance (WLB) is a term which refers to the concept that employees split their time between work and the other aspects of personal lives. It used to maintain a balance between work and leisure activity such as family life. It measured the amount of time on the work compare with the time on spending with family or other leisure activities. It is difficult to measure the efficiency and the balance between work and life. Based on the assumptions of diversity management which aim to provide a positive workplace environment and accept the individual differences from different background, gender, race etc in order to maintain equality in the workplace. Therefore, it is important that organizations introduce flexible working arrangement in terms of providing positive working environment to employees (Caleb Rosado, PH.D, 2006).

Theoretical Review
Due to the recent change of WLB, people shifted the focus on the balance on work and family roles as well as the outside work. Work life balance is important to employees because it represents people's psychological well being and satisfaction between work and life (J. Rantanen & U.Kinnunen, 2011). WLB can be traced back to previous studies of women having multiple roles throughout their lives as women are representing as mothers, wives and paid worker where they might experience overload work and cause them stressful which suggest it needs appropriate working arrangements in order to increase their job satisfaction (Barnett and Marshall,1993). The integrated concept of WLB is aiming to manage employees effectively while they are suffering from multiple roles conflict in lives and work and attempt to minimized job dissatisfaction and stress levels. However, as most of the organizations are seeking to provide a positive workplace to the employees, they provide several policies for the employees in order to increase the flexibility such as telecommuting opportunities for workers who want to spent more time at home to look after young children or offer flexible work schedules, also, some organizations provide an on-site fitness programs, therefore, it increases employees motivation because they are working in a positive workplace environment ( Heidi Cardenas) . In general, it suggested that UK has a flexible workforce labor with family life to maintain the balance between work and life. This lead to a higher employment and growth in the contemporary diversity management (Nick Bloom, Tobias Kretschmer, 2009).

Current issue
According to the current work life balance issues in diversity management, it suggested it become an very popular issue to debate over the world and more people and management are paying attention to it, where it increases the conscious of people aware of this problem. Managing WLB has been increased in the last 2 decades (De Bruin & Dupuis, 2004), which is a recent change from previous management style. In addition, a lot of private enterprises also aware the problem of work life balance as their human resource management. This has become an major issue in today's management since nowadays employers tend to use fewer employees to cope with difficulties and problems as they want to reduce the costs, therefore the jobs are more complicated and it increased their workforce so it becomes more difficult for employees to maintain a balance within work and life, such as home management, child care etc (Douglas T.Hall) as well as the levels of pressure and working time.

Secondly, the demographic changes rapidly so it affects...
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