Work Cell Simulation

Topics: Computer-aided design, Electronic design automation, Robotics Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: December 8, 2010
Work Cell Simulation
Robots are a major part of automation technology. Application of this technology depends on how robots are located and used in work cells. Feature-based work cell simulation software is perfect for these applications, because it provides an interactive and accurate virtual view of a fully combined robotic work cells that can be modeled and assessed for low cost and reliable solutions. Designers can use the software to model a work cell by acquiring a group of components, such as robots, conveyors, workbenches, and end-effectors, etc., from built-in databases. The software allows users to study work cell performance, optimize work cell configuration, and debug the process layout. Major automotive companies, such as Chrysler, Ford and GM, are utilizing the work cell simulation software including Cimstation, Workforce and Deneb for automation clarifications. The biggest upside to using the work cell simulation software is that an optimal solution for the work cell design in involved. For the first time there is a reality without having to have the tangible model of parts, robots, jigs, and fixtures. As any alterations are made to the parts, the procedure of involving the changes into simulation is minuscule compared to the process of reconstructing a physical work cell. Work cell simulation technology allows an important bridge between the design and manufacturing technologies. Work cell simulation software has either input data translators, like IGES, which stands for Initial Graphical Exchange Specification, or direct translators for the primary engineering-based CAD software packages. These translators let designers to bring in the file of a part to be worked from a CAD program for fast work cell design. Device models are the main elements that complement a robotic work cell model. Device models are assembled by an assembly of three dimensional part models with assigned coordinate systems. Device models, such as robots and like equipment,...
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