Riordan Section Three Paper

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Riordan Manufacturing


1 April 2013
Tim Groves

Riordan Manufacturing

Riordan is jumping head first into the 21st century and bringing all of the business systems currently used along with it. Those business systems will be upgraded so Riordan can continue to be an industry leader, but the 21st century is a very dangerous place. The world is full of groups of hackers who breach systems for profit, for a cause, or just to prove a point. Hackers were arrested in the Philippines for fraudulently charging AT&T customers and diverting the money to a group linked to Al Qaeda (UPI, 2011). This is one example of the threats that exist in the cyber world; one should not exclude rival companies from the security risks either. Digital Security Measures

Riordan has rare concept in the pyramid bottle and many manufacturing companies would be very grateful to get their hands on the blueprint. The same could apply to the artificial heart valve, especially in a society where heart disease is killing people every day. Corporate espionage is a real thing and multiple security measures need to be implemented in order to lockdown Riordan and protect it. First and foremost all files need to be encrypted and password protected. The Playstation Network was taken down easily because routers were left unprotected and the data belonging to users was not encrypted. Everything needs to be locked down digitally. Riordan conducts business in many places and hackers are everywhere. Finance and accounting use outdated systems and manually enter information. Integration of the systems through a secure pipeline will decrease the security risks but the files still need to be encrypted to secure ensure that all security holes are no longer open. Riordan also needs to invest in a firewall of some kind. The previously mentioned security measures will assist in keeping...
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