Work Breakdown Structure

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  • Published : August 17, 2010
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Work breakdown structure is used to break the whole project into small work categories. It will help to well plan the project and complete the project easily and successfully. Therefore the work breakdown structure is very helpful to complete the proposed project successfully. And also this work breakdown structure helps to complete the project step by step. Work breakdown structure for this proposed business is as follow • Acquiring funds

• Get the legal permission

• Set up office

• Appointing CEO & PA

• Recruiting employees

• Training the employees

• Promotional activities

• Business Launch

According to above work breakdown structure, the business project is broken down into several stages as above. Each stage will be done step by step.


Phase 1: -Initially huge amount of money is required to start the proposed business. This amount of money will be acquired by selling own property (land) in London. It will take around two months of time. I may also go for arrangement of finance as the business would require additional funds.

Phase 2: -This business will be registered at the divisional secretariat office in London to get the legal permission to start this business. And also this business will be registered at Inland Revenue department of London for income tax purposes. This process will take about one month of time. I would need to take due permissions from the government in Latin America and Bolivia.

Phase 3: -Newly opened multi storied building is available at the centre of the Santa Cruz city and there is a 1200 m2 office is available for rent. So this office will be adequate to open the consultancy company branch. It will take around one month of time.

Phase 4: -So many equipments are required to start the business. Some of the equipments that required for business are computers and various soft wares along with other technical parts. I would...
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