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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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AP Govt/ P.2
Black & Blue
1. Main Point- The main point of this article was to explain why we can’t just get rid of bureaucratic agencies and how there also a social model for America. 2. Summary- The article “Black and Blue,” by Walter Russell Mead talks about the bureaucracy agencies and why there really helpful for America. A lot of people like me used to think that if there was less bureaucratic and less statist society can be a “richer and happier one”, but were not thinking about the consequences it can have when you take away these bureaucracy. Russell also uses the African Americans as an example and explains how bureaucracy has helped them in there politics. He said that there is a blue social model that is followed and getting rid of it would cause a lot of problems and would affect a lot of people. 3. Key Sentence-“ If you believe as I do that the old model is going to have to change because we just can’t pay for it anymore — and if you also believe that a less bureaucratic and less statist society can be a richer and a happier one — you need to think seriously about what this means for the group in American life most closely tied to the failing blue system” 4. Evaluation- I thought the article makes a lot of sense on why we can’t just get rid of the bureaucracy but I did think I was a little to informative and could have gone straight to the point so it wouldn’t be so boring to read. 5. Question- What are 4.0 liberals?
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