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Word families: building possibilities...
Words often come in families. You can expand your vocabulary by becoming familiar with these word families and this can also enable you to become a more fluent speaker and writer of English. If you know all the possible words within a word family, you can express yourself in a wider range of ways. For example, if you know the verb and the noun forms related to the adjective boring, you can say: • The lesson was boring. • The lesson bored me. • That lesson was such a bore. An extra reason for paying attention to word families is that for some exams you have to know them. In the list below, the words printed in bold are words which are very common and important to learn. The other words in the same row are words in the same family, often formed with prefixes and suffixes. Sometimes they are just a different part of speech (e.g. anger, which is a noun and a verb). All the words in this list have entries in the dictionary except for some beginning with un-, im-, in- or ir-, or ending with -ly or -ily, where the meaning is always regular. Sometimes words in a word family can have meanings which are quite different from others in the group, so you should always check in the dictionary if you are not sure of the meaning. Nouns

ability, disability, inability acceptance accident accuracy, inaccuracy accusation, the accused, accuser achievement, achiever act, action, inaction, interaction, reaction, transaction activity, inactivity addition admiration, admirer advantage, disadvantage advertisement, advertiser, advertising advice, adviser agreement, disagreement aim amazement anger announcement, announcer appearance, disappearance, reappearance applicant, application appreciation approval, disapproval approximation argument arrangement art, artist, artistry shame attachment attack, counter-attack, attacker attention attraction, attractiveness

able, unable, disabled acceptable, unacceptable, accepted accidental accurate, inaccurate accusing achievable acting

enable, disable accept

ably acceptably, unacceptably accidentally accurately, inaccurately accusingly

accuse achieve act

active, inactive, interactive, proactive activate additional add admirable admire advantageous, disadvantaged advertise advisable, inadvisable, advisory agreeable aimless amazed, amazing angry unannounced advise agree, disagree aim amaze anger announce appear, disappear, reappear apply appreciate approve, disapprove approximate argue arrange, rearrange shame attach, detach attack, counter-attack attend attract

actively additionally admirably advantageously

agreeably aimlessly amazingly angrily unannounced

applicable, applied appreciable, appreciative approving, disapproving approximate arguable, argumentative artistic ashamed, unashamed, shameful, shameless attached, unattached, detachable, detached attentive, inattentive attractive, unattractive

appreciatively approvingly approximately arguably artistically shamefully, shamelessly

attentively attractively

authority, authorization availability avoidance awareness base, the basics, basis bearer beat, beating beauty, beautician beginner, beginning behaviour/US behavior, misbehaviour/US misbehavior belief, disbelief block, blockage blood, bleeding the boil, boiler bore, boredom break, outbreak, breakage breath, breather, breathing brother, brotherhood build, builder, building burn, burner burial calculation, calculator calm, calmness capability care, carer celebration, celebrity centre/US center, centralization, decentralization certainty, uncertainty challenge, challenger change character, characteristic, characterization chemical, chemist, chemistry circle, semicircle, circulation cleaner, cleaning, cleanliness clarity, clearance, clearing close, closure closeness clothes, clothing collection, collector colour/US color, colouring/US coloring

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