Woodys 2000 Project Outline

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  • Published : July 11, 2012
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The Woody 2000 project came up as a result of a mini boom in commercial construction activities and the intention of the management of Woody’s (real name Custom woodworking Company) to cash in on the opportunity by improving production efficiency by expanding their existing manufacturing space by 25%,including computer controlled automation, improving the facilities by adding air conditioning, a dust free paint / finishing shop with additional compressor capacity and lastly a renovation of the offices of the company president and vice presidents offices. The project management institute defines project management as “the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements” (PMI,2008).To carry out these construction tasks successfully and deliver the project within the time frame of 18 months, on a budget of $17 million dollars, and to exact design and process specifications knowledge of all 5 process groups and application of the nine knowledge areas would be required along with the use of tools such as MS project software. 2.0Statement Of Work:

The scoping or initiating process group is the first process group to be used in the project. It answers the question “what business situation is being addressed” and “what do you need to do” and “how will you know you did it” (Wysocki,2009). Fundamentally though it is here at the COS meeting that we discuss the details with the likely driver of the project – the project manager, develop requirement breakdown structure ,classify the project in the project landscape, determine the best fit PMLC model and write the POS. (i)Condition of satisfaction, COS: This is a one page document deliverable with attachments signed by the client/requestor encompassing a structured conversation between requestor and provider stating the final expectations of the client(Wysocki,2009). (ii)Selecting the Project manager: This is...
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