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Azim Premji University
Azim Premji University has a clear social purpose – to make significant contributions towards a just, equitable, humane and sustainable society. The University aspires to do this through the development of talent and the creation of knowledge which can facilitate systemic change in education and allied development areas. This is an explicit commitment to the idea that knowledge and learning have human and social consequences and that their pursuit cannot be separated from these consequences.  The roots of Azim Premji University lie in the learning and experience of a decade of work in elementary education by Azim Premji Foundation. The University is one of the key responses to the constraints and challenges confronting the education and development sectors in India. It is also the direct result of a purposeful philanthropic initiative and which by definition is not-for-profit in its orientation.     Guiding Principles

Two key principles guide the process of the University’s continued evolution. Firstly, the University exists to make significant contributions to education in a manner consistent with social justice, equity, humane values and sustainability within the framework of a secular and democratic Indian polity. This commitment to a specific value orientation is not to be interpreted as a narrowly utilitarian view of the University and is at all times, consistent with academic and institutional autonomy and excellence. Secondly, the University, though constituted as an independent entity, is organizationally continuous with Azim Premji Foundation and integral to its vision. This intimate and unusual linking of the two organizations creates valuable synergies. The close working of the University with the Foundation and its practice informs all learning and research programmes. The Foundation and its teams in turn gain from the interaction with a vibrant academic community that contributes rigour and focus to the field of practice.    Mission Statement

Azim Premji University is committed to developing outstanding programmes of learning, research and advocacy in education and allied development domains. The objectives of the University are:  * To develop outstanding, creative and socially committed professionals for the education and development sectors in India. * To significantly invest in research to expand the frontiers of knowledge in education and development and continuously stretch the boundaries of our thought and action. * To contribute to strengthening existing professionals in the education and development domains by creating high quality continuing education programmes and learning content. * To significantly impact practice in the areas of education and development in the country. * To serve as a national education and development resource centre. * To present an authentic alternative voice for educational and social change in India.  Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy behind the Azim Premji University is based on three key principles. Firstly, the University nurtures and encourages exemplary standards of teaching, learning and research. The learning programmes of the University therefore focus on building depth of understanding, capacity for inter-disciplinary learning and research, analytical skills, critical thinking and communication in an atmosphere of academic freedom and integrity. Secondly, the University’s agenda continues to be guided by its larger purpose of social change. Hence the University strives to develop a deep understanding of the social impact of education and its role in creating awareness of the wider political and ethical issues in debates on development and policy.     The University offers an exemplary learning environment with a focus on teaching, research and break through inter-disciplinary work. It also offers ample opportunities to work closely with all the Foundation’s other education and development programmes...
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