Does the Modern University Have Islamic Roots in the Islamic World?

Topics: Islam, Education, Sharia Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: December 8, 2011
After reading and thoroughly analyzing both sides of the Taking Sides Issue, “Does the Modern University have Islamic Roots in the Islamic World?” I agree with the professor of history and philosophy of education Medhi Nakosteen; he touches the roots of the modern university to the Golden Age of Islamic Culture (750-1150 C.E). Medhi also states that Muslim scholars adapted the best of traditional scholarship and established both the experimental method and the university system, which they handed on to the west before they degenerated. Muslims have made many contributions to Western Education that has gone unrecognized due to religious prejudice, language barriers and decline of Islamic Culture and the distance of historic materials for Western historians of education. For example some of these fields were philosophy, mathematics, technological sciences; Hindu mathematics, medicine, literature and many more. They also stimulated free analysis and made implements of research and scholarships available to the public. When doing so they would provide food, lodging, and even essential money for scholars from far away; they made their great teachers internationally accessible by encouraging the concept of the traveling scholar. Furthermore, they even opened their private libraries to the public, not only regionally but internationally. During this time period the publishing of books was very time consuming and tedious, however they managed to publish thousands of copies of reference material available to all willing to learn. Throughout the golden age (750-1150) of their cultural-educational activities they did not allow minor setbacks to limit their scholarship. They searched into every branch of human knowledge, be philosophy, history, historiography, law, sociology, literature, ethics, theology, jurisprudence, architecture and so on. They even introduced the science and philosophy of the Greeks, Persians, and Hindus to Western Christian schoolmen. In addition to,...
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