Women Rights in Islam

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Women rights in Islam
Equal rights of men and women in Islam
Social rights
.right to get education
.right to accept or reject marriage proposal
.right to get divers
.right to secrecy
.right to just treatment in case of polygamy
.right to entertain and dine out
.right to demand separate house
.right to deny doing all the chores of home
.right to dress 
Economic rights 
.right to Inheritance
.right to ownership 
.right to dowry
.right to maintenance (Iddah, child upbringing)
.right to seek employment
.right to do business

Legal and political rights 

.right to be equal before law
.right to witness
.right to vote
.right to work on legal and political positions

Women rights in Islam

Holy prophet (S.A.W) said,
“Among you the most respectable is the one who respects women and the most disrespectable is the one who disrespect the women.” The above instruction of holy prophet (S.A.W) declared the ground of honor and respect for a person in Deen-e-Islam .Islam gave women an honorable life and ignite the light of rights in her life. Before Islam women were extremely deteriorated by the society. Arabs used to bury their daughters alive, wives were harshly beaten, step mother became legacy of eldest son and the sisters were given as a compensation for any sin of her family. Islam abolished all these dark practices and made the paradise under the feet of mother, guaranteed paradise to a father who brought up her daughters with love, assured paradise to the husband who care her wife and made sisters partners in the inheritance. Today Muslim woman is facing problems not because of lack of her rights in Islam but due to the male driven and illiterate society. Islam promised women respect, honor and safety before and more than any other religion, civilization and moderation. Islam gave women all rights to women before 15 centuries which any one can expect in today’s highly modern world.

The sad pages of history only present crying voices and tears of women that break the heart the reader. All the big civilization of their time including Hubsha, Byzantine, Room, Greece, Egypt, China, Hindustan and Arabian Penusiuala ruined the women under the feet of brutality. Those who are claiming themselves the leaders and providers of women rights in today’s world were in fact the real usurper of women rights from centuries. Women In these civilizations struggled so hard and fight for her rights centuries and centuries even than their male dominant leadership never gave them rights until they need them. After the two world wars when men strength became insufficient in forces and in the other fields of life then they brought women out of house and used her for their different purposes on the name of women rights. Let’s have a look on the dates of rights givers as a prove US in 1920,British in 1918,France in 1944,Norway in 1907,Sweden in 1921,Belgium in 1919,Japan in 1945,Netherland in 1919 and so on. Whereas Islam gave all social, economical, political and legal rights to the women long before fifteen (15) centuries.

Everyone knows Islam claim that it is a complete code of life. Therefore Islam is not only complete code of life for men it is also complete code of life for women. It gives equal rights to men and women. It is very important for everyone that there is big difference of meaning between the words “equal” and “same”. As women and man cannot same physically so there rights can also not same due to their duties but they have equal rights on or the other way. This equal terminology can also be explain by taking a very simple example. There are two students in class one called Saeed scored 4 in economics,3 in political studies and 3 in social studies and another called Sadia scored 2 in economics, 4 in political studies and 4 in social studies. Saeed got (4+3+3)=10 and Sadia got (2+4+4)=10,that shows both Saeed and Sadia scored equal marks that is total 10 but...
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