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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Women & PR – The Inseparable Pair!

The PR industry, like the HR sector, has become a highly feminized industry. In an industry once dominated by men, women are now outnumbering their male colleagues, both in India and abroad. These gangs of women are making their dominant presence felt by all those present.

According to a research made by the Public Relations Society of America, nearly 85 percent of P.R. professionals in the U.S. are women. The study found that the Public Relations industry is comparatively a male-free zone, which has inadvertently created enough room for the women community to adapt themselves to evolving needs of business professionals. At the same time, they have been blessed with a chance to leave their mark and prove their worth just like their male counterparts.

To understand the phenomenon of why PR industry is so attractive to the women community, we need to take a look at some of the relevant points which might help us unravel the mystery surrounding this theory.

• The well-educated and critical-thinking people are of the view that it is because of some inherent traits that the women population turn out to be better and successful PR practitioners.

• There is a more educated theory according to the academics and veterans of P.R. and marketing when discussing about women thriving in the PR industry for decades. They are of the view that the roots of the dominance take hold in college. Females make up the solid majority of most P.R. and marketing programs at universities and colleges.

• Many experts feel that women’s skill sets make for a good match where PR and marketing work is concerned. They believe that women have this innate ability to communicate, observe, listen and write in a much better manner, which is essentially required in order to be a successful PR practitioner.

• Some feel that it is the income potential, which attracts the fairer sex tremendously. The PR industry fosters enormous...