Comm 305

Topics: Public relations, Course, Grade Pages: 7 (1532 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Communication 305 - Public Relations
Winter 2006
CRN# 15434 – TTH 8:15-10:25 a.m. – AE 105

Professor: Donna Simmons, Ph.D.
Tele: 661-654-6232
Office: BDC 224
Office Hours: T&TH 10:30-1:00 p.m. or by appointment

The goal of this course is to provide you with an understanding of the nature of the profession and practice of public relations. This course covers (1) the development and history of the public relations profession, (2) major theories that inform public relations, (3) the role and position of public relations in the organization, (4) how and where public relations is practiced in contemporary society, (5) the four-step process of public relations, (6) the skills and requirements for success in the profession, and (7) ethical implications and legal issues for public relations practitioners.

The prerequisite for this course is Comm 206. If you have not taken Comm 206, you will be dropped from the course.

Title: Public Relations: The Profession and the Practice Authors: Lattimore, D.; Baskin, O.; Heiman, S.; Toth, E.; and VanLeuven, J. ISBN: 0072935316
Year: 2004
Publisher: McGraw Hill
NOTE: CD-ROM not required

After completing the readings and assignments for this course and participating in class discussions, students will be able to

- identify prominent historical figures and events in public relations, - define public relations and describe where and how it is practiced, - identify the basic skills and abilities required of public relations professionals, - apply an ethical standard to the practice of public relations, - list and give a basic definition of the four steps in the process of public relations, - apply a basic theory of public relations to a public relations environment, - write public relations goals and objectives, and

- write a basic, standard news release.


Etiquette: Several courtesy considerations will enhance the class environment. These include: - Cell Phones and Pagers: Either turn them off in class or put them on vibrate. - Other Electronic Equipment: Please do not use IPods, Blackberries, or any other electronic equipment in class. The ONLY exception is if you use a computer to take class notes. - Respect for Diversity and Diverse Opinions: A college community is a place in which ALL should feel respected and valued, whatever their background and beliefs. Tolerance and respect in class and on campus are vital to the educational mission of the university. - Respect for Others: Being on time and being prepared for class reflect a respect for the time and efforts of others. In addition, arriving late and leaving early from class is disruptive and suggests a lack of concern and consideration for others. If you are going to be late, please consider whether you should attend the class. If you must leave early, please consider whether you should attend the class.

Readings: You are expected to complete the assigned readings PRIOR to class to be prepared for class discussions. Also, please note: we will NOT cover everything included in the exams during class so it is important to keep up on your reading assignments.

Attendance: Attendance is expected and required. You are also expected to actively attend and participate in class exercises and discussions. A pattern of missed classes and consistently late arrival to class or consistent departure before the end of class will result in the lowering of your final grade for the class. NOTE: You are responsible for information provided in class, even if you are not in class. If you have to miss a class, check with a classmate regarding announcements or changes and/or look for announcements on the course web page.

Late Papers/Assignments: Grades for late papers/assignments will...
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