Team Role Identification

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  • Published : October 27, 2008
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The name of the firm is A-Team Inventory Management Consulting. Members of The A Team are Leslie, Amy, Liz, Charlie, and Richard. Leslie will be in charge of Public Relations while Amy will be vice president of operations. Liz will have the role of chief analytics officer while Charlie will be responsible for director of marketing. Lastly, Richard will have the ever so desired role of chief financial officer. Together, the five members of the A-Team will also serve additional duties as the board of directors and Charlie will be the chief executive officer. Discussed below will be descriptions of the aforementioned member’s responsibilities, why each person is best suited for the selected positions, followed by justification of how their education serves as proper credentials.

For a firm to see initial success, public relations become imperative. Leslie Ross will be the Chief Public Relations Officer. “A public relations (PR) officer uses all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of organizations ranging from public bodies or services to businesses and voluntary organizations. PR aims to manage reputation in order to gain understanding and support, and influence opinion and behavior” (Prospects, 2007).

There are several duties and responsibilities that play a major role in the office of public relations. Organization skills are essential. A substantial amount of vital information needs to be easily accessible. Organizing meetings, press conferences, panel discussions and other major events is also necessary. Communication skills are important because much time will be spent communicating in writing or verbally. Listening skills are often overlooked. “More often than not, misunderstandings can easily be averted by listening first, saving you time and money” (Vault, 2007).

Leslie Ross is best suited for this task because of her background in teaching young people the essentials of public speaking and speech...
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