Women in Law Enforcement

Topics: Police, Constable, Law enforcement agency Pages: 3 (872 words) Published: October 21, 2012
Women in Law Enforcement Essay
There are many stereotypes that women in law enforcement field had to face throughout time. Women troubled with being taken serious as a crime fighter, or if a women would ever be allowed to become a police officer, was a question because women are usually viewed from others as too small, weak and gentle to ever be taken serious from the public. In this research paper I will explain the background on women in the law enforcement and how women have the same intelligence, communication, compassion, and diplomacy as a male officer. Having examples from articles and an interview from a women officer will help my thesis on how women can be successful as any male officer. Women have struggled since the early 1800s to have a career with law enforcement so one day hope to succeed and be recognized as a valued part of law enforcement just like their male counterparts. Women dealt with lack of respect, sexual harassment, discrimination. These times were very difficult and challenging for female officers not only verbally and emotionally but also because the police department only made uniforms to fit men officers, who made the female officers, look unprofessional and uncomfortable and very hard to do their job, when they could hardly walk in the heavy yet loose-fitting uniforms they wore. "In the past women had two choices: They could wear a very high-waisted, darted pants pattern from the 1970s or they could wear men's pants,"(Garret). These uniforms make a female’s job even more difficult with the extra weight and fabric bunched inside of their uniform, also caused a delay when reaching for their firearm. The uniforms made their job even more dangerous for females than for male officers. This demonstrates an immense example of how fearless women had to be, known that they were an easier target to take advantage of and was more overlooked from citizens. During World War II women were hired into law enforcement agencies, except most of...
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