Women Entreperneur in Bd by Shadakalo

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Chapter – 2

Corporate History
ShadaKalo, one of the most renowned fashion houses in the country, solely relies on two colors – black and white, just as its name implies. Their boutique insists on presenting apparel and accessories in only these two shades, giving them a unique edge over other fashion houses. Fashion is a part of daily life. The work of a designer is to create a feeling of unexpressed desire- that is after a designer designs something a fashion conscious individual should say to him, that is what I wanted. Keeping all these in mind, Seakale is designing its dresses and all other products, as well as, trying to keep up with the taste of fashion conscious people.

The business began thanks to the vision of their owner, Mrs. Thashina Shahin, leading to the conception of a store that has been around for almost 10 years. After facing the usual financial difficulties any firm faces during its inception. On October 4 in 2002 Seakale was officially launched at Rifles Square in a small scale outlet but with full of expectation and excitement. Within a short time, Seakale was blessed by the love and inspiration of every level of customers, ShadaKalo took full flight on 4 October 2002, with their first showroom opening in Rifles Square, displaying their unique black and white outfits. Since then, they’ve expanded over the decade with a new branch being opened with each passing year. Their second branch was established in Banana. From there, they went to Bailey Road and then Goshen, after which their operations spread to Uttar, Bashundhara and so on. Now they’ve established themselves in the market as one of the best fashion houses in Bangladesh, with eight branches in Dhaka alone and one more branch in Chittagong. Additionally, they’re also the first of our local fashion houses to have taken a leap from the domestic market into the American market, with one store in New York and another located in Florida. Another aspect of their work includes providing their material to a US based organization called Bangla Trading who set up one or two fairs in various locations across America, each month, displaying ShadaKalo’s brand of clothing and accessories.

Nature of Business

At the first time Shadakalo was a small form business but day by day its being wide in international market, so now their nature of business almost bigger. At present by their products and services, they become have bigger nature of their business through domestic and global market. And for the purpose of their goals they will be established their brand internationally. We can see the specific nature of there business if u see the given information: SHADA KALO rated about nine years ego. All most they have 20 showrooms in Dhaka city. Now Its opening its branch in Sylhet. Selected three partners will run SHADA KALO. It will invest two cores for setting up its showroom in sylhet. Start-up Funding will consist largely of owner investment and a long-term loan from the Small Business Administration. All products will be supplied from Dhaka, SHADA KALO has nine years strong market experience .After setting up, there is also plan to set up its factory here in future.

This business plan will be used for three purposes:
To map out all the necessary components to create a successful and well-run boutique To provide management with a blueprint to follow
To secure financing through private institutions and investors

Vision, Mission & Creative of Paradise
Actually, the vision of Shadakalo on those people who basically want to wear their fashionable cloth by the two colors combination with Black & White. And their business vision is wide the market and their brand globally although they already established their market domestically. They always find the design and fashion categories within these two colors Black & White. Their vision is really pretty good for making their brand wide. *...
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