Heather Evans

Topics: Venture capital, Strategic management, Angel investor Pages: 2 (770 words) Published: June 8, 2012
1) When evaluating the opportunity for Heather Evans it is important to analyze the situation from a few perspectives. From an industry perspective there is ample opportunity for her to succeed. The barriers to entry are quite low with no clear market leader and even the largest companies do not have high relative market share. Her concept appears to provide her with some differentiation and that will help to position her products to a target segment of the market. The industry growth rate is a strong 10%; however customer retention will be a challenge. Evans does not seem to have the requisite experience or network in the industry to embark on a solo venture. In all, there is an opportunity for a designer with a strong business plan to be successful in this market. 2) Heather’s efforts to date could be described as uninspiring. Although she clearly has passion for clothing design her management efforts to this point have been haphazard and do not particularly inspire confidence from prospective investors. Heather did not perform any significant market research for her product aside from what appears to be casual conversation with women over the years. Her almost hiring and subsequent breakup with potential Pattern-maker Barbra Tarpe, based on a phone-call as well as her store rental switch reveal a knee jerk reactionary character without comprehensive or long term considerations of the impact of her decisions. Her approach towards acquiring finance also is unsettling as the consideration of so many varied sources of funds at this late stage display a lack of coherent vision as to the structure of the company. 3) The Heather Evans business plan has some strength but overall fails to convey a comprehensive viable idea attractive to investors. The founder’s enthusiasm and dedication is palpable in the language of the plan. The plan does describe an overall strategy and analysis but is to general in its approach. The concept is primarily based on intuition and...
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