Heather Evans

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  • Published : April 17, 2007
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Heather H. Evans (H.E.) graduated from Harvard Business School in June, 1983. She showed considerable interest in the fashion industry, having some background in this area. She was a fashion model from 1975 through 1979 and, in the summer of 1982, she worked for Jackie Hayman, Inc., as an assistant to the President of this young firm that manufactured designer clothing. An additional valuable asset was that she worked as a financial analyst for Morgan Stanley & Co, Inc. from 1979 through 1981 dealing with mergers, acquisitions and corporate finance. Her father is an attorney with a Wall Street firm. H.E. graduated from Harvard College in 1979, earning her bachelor¡¦s degree in Philosophy. Her previous career as a model gave her a taste of running her own business, experiencing independence, the ability to travel and the opportunity to meet people. She was confident that she could run a dress company and her goal was to create a company to manufacture women¡¦s designer clothing to sell high-priced, high-quality dress-and- jacket combinations to executive women, aged 27 to 45.

The final determination to set up her own company came in the fall of 1982 after she worked with Robert Vin, an assistant designer in New York, in an attempt to transfer her concepts into finished sketches and patterns.

By November, it was clear to Heather that this arrangement was not going to work out and she decided that she would be both the chief designer and operating manager of her own firm. She started her business plan preparation and, in January, 1983, she met with buyers. In February she began consulting with lawyers and CPAs. On March 9, 1983, she registered HEATHER EVANS INCORPORATED in New York.

H.E. conceived a style of clothing, primarily focusing on dresses, which better fits the lifestyle and demands of businesswomen than the suits and other looks offered by existing clothing manufacturers. H.E.¡¦s lack of technical training and experience led her to...
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