Woman and Women Share Problems

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Genderlect Styles Speech
Genderlect Styles refers to the differences in conversational styles between men and women which lead to misunderstandings and faulty communication. Today we are going to focus on the 5 types of talk and how men and woman use them differently. The best way to describe the different way men and woman use type of talk is as follow. Men use talking as a way to focus on status, which is why talk often turns into a competition for them. Women see talking as a way to connect and form a community. As I discuss the types of talk I will refer back to these ideas. Type of Talk 1: Private Speaking VS Public Speaking

Women talk more than men in private conversations. Men talk to increase their status, while women talk to improve relationships. In public man use talk as a weapon or a way to establish the one up position. For instance if Victoria, Jade, and Danielle go to lunch they will call each other Vic, Jade and Danielle. However if Nate, Will, and Austin go to lunch they will call each other Scrappy, Peanut head, and Godzilla. Men feel the need to put each other down in order to establish dominance. However in private talk the man feels they are in there a safe environment such as their homes and they no longer feel the need to talk and protect their status. They retreat into a peaceful silence. This would often be referred to as a man cave. Women on the other hand talk more than men. In private conversations woman dominate the talk and men are referred to as the “giant ear” c

Type of Talk 2: Telling a Story
When men tell stories, they are the heroes.
Men use this type of talk telling stories more than woman. Men will use story telling as a way to betray themselves has a hero overcoming a great obstacle. This again plays into the theory that men use talk as way to strengthen their status. Woman use this type of talk to tell a story about others. If they use this type of talk to about themselves it is often about something foolish...
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