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  • Published : January 15, 2013
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The working memory model consists of four main parts, phonological loop, visual spatial sketch pad, episodic buffer and the central executive. The central executive controls the three subsystems in addition to this the WMM represents Short Term memory (STM) and shows us multiple ways of information being transferred into the Long Term Memory (LTM). The Phonological Loop of the WMM is called the inner voice, this holds verbal information in a speech based form, and this however has a limited capacity. The Visual Spatial sketch pad is known as the inner eye, this subsystem is responsible for holding visual and/or spatial information as well as the Phonological loop this also has a limited storage. The episodic buffer has also like the other subsystems a limited capacity; the episodic buffer can combine several kinds of information from different sources and put it together to form an episode. There have been several researches that have supported the different aspects of the WMM such as Baddeley, Thompson and Buchanan (1975). This experiment consisted of two conditions; the first condition consisted of five one syllable words such as Cat, and Grass etc. the second condition was made up of five polysyllabic words such as Wardrobe, Pencil etc. Finding showed that recall of condition one was greater; this is called the word length effect. The conclusion showed us that the loop capacity was dependant on how long it took to say the word rather than the number of items, the estimated time was one and a half seconds. Baddeley et al (1973) this experiments represented the finding of the visual spatial sketch pad. The procedure of the experiment was as follows: Participants had to follow a spot of light with a pointer as is moved in a circular motion, they had to do this whilst imagine looking at a block capital with angles such as F, E or H. Participants had to issue instructions to instruct the other participant in which direction to go e.g. yes represented a vertical...
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