Topics: Developmental psychology, Psychology, Cognitive psychology Pages: 2 (341 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Gen Psy 1100-54 by Nishida
Study guides for Exam 2
We will go over details of exam preparation on April 25th. If you have any question, please be prepare to bring it to the class.

* Definition of memory
* Three-system memory theory
* What kinds of system does information go through to be stored in memory? * How long can each memory hold information for?
* What happens to information in each memory?
* What is chunk? And how many chunk can short-term memory hold? * Understand what working memory is and what happens to information in the working memory. * Be able to understand sub-system under long-term memory, and what kind of information each subsystem stores. * Understand how information is stored based on constructive process. * Understand what is flashbulb memory.

* Understand differences between implicit and explicit memories. * Be able to differentiate recognition from recall.
* Go over various ways forgetting occur.
* Review what Alzheimer disease is.
Thinking, language, and intelligence
* Know definitions of thinking, mental image, concept, and prototype. * Know characteristics that are associated with creative people. * Be able to differentiate three different theories on language acquisition. * Review the youtube video on language development and acquisition. * Review definition of intelligence, and types of intelligence. * Be able to differentiate reliability from validity of tests. * Go over diagnosis process of intellectual disability.

* Make sure to review nature v. nurture discussion on intelligence. Development
* Make sure to be able to differentiate nature, nature, and interactionist view. * Know which view developmental psychologists take more recently: exclusively nature, exclusively nurture, or interactionist view? * Make sure that you can differentiate cross-sectional, longitudinal, and sequential research methods. * Go over the youtube...
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