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After almost three years of work developing a new software, Microsoft has finally release its long-waited Windows 8 this past October. They introduced three main versions of the new operating system: Windows 8, which is the “home” version, Windows 8 Pro, designed for enterprises containing special features such as virtual private network client and group policy support, and Windows RT for ARM-powered devices. The introduction of Windows 8 represents an important shift in the way Windows work, and perhaps is the most significant upsurge in the company’s history. The new system is far more touchscreen-oriented for use on tables as well as traditional PCs. So what is new about this restructured operating system? Among all of its new features, the most noticeable one is its new interface. The long well known start menu disappeared. Instead, now there is only a Start screen, containing all of the information important for the user in one place. This is composed of different live tiles, which are apps or content like a website, contacts, or folders showing the latest headlines, and up-to-date information. The difference between a tile from Microsoft, and an app from Apple, is that the user does not need to purchase a tile, it can just create one. For example, if you like visiting a website every day you can create a tile on your start screen for that website. Besides not having to waste time opening your navigation system, you will be able to get real-time information from all of your favorite websites. If for any reason you get tired of any of your tiles, you can just delete it from the start screen. Another new feature is the Charms bar. This bar, located in the right side of the screen only when invoked, provides quick access to some commonly-used features, such as search, share, Start screen, devices, and settings. The Charms bar will only appear when you invoke it;...
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