William Forrester

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  • Published : October 20, 2010
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Kim J Marilag
English 100
Mrs. Guererro

William Forrester

The main character of the movie Finding Forrester is William Forrester, an old, white male, recluse novelist, makes an unlikely friendship with, and mentors, a black 16-year old who is gifted at basketball, and both literature, and writing Jamal Wallace. William, from Bronx, New York, wrote only one famous novel The Avalon fifty years earlier that won the Pulitzer Prize. Because he was offended at the bad reviews, and the deaths of his parents and brother sent him into a long depression and decided to isolate himself from the public and was never heard from again. A series of events and the development of a friendship with Jamal, would give William a new perspective on life. In the movie, William would have never been capable of confronting his fears or reconnecting with the world if not for his friendship with Jamal.

A friendship with Jamal Wallace led to many factors that brought a change in William Forrester. For William, this friendship was a catalyst to the other factors that played a major part in his growth. Having someone to talk to, realizing he could trust someone, the importance of friendship, seeing life in a new perspective and standing up for what he believes in, were all factors that resulted in his growth and would not have came without this friendship.

Besides his friendship with Jamal, having someone to talk to changed William. Instead of being locked up in isolation, he was able to talk and be more human. Jamal's company came as a bit of a surprise but William is a smart man and knew that by editing those notes, Jamal would be back. Did he want the company? Perhaps, but he had no idea that it would result in a drastic change in his life. Having someone to talk to brought more positive feelings and thinking and developed into a rich friendship with Jamal.

William soon realized he could trust Jamal and this was another factor in his...
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